Morocco is our land. When you come to our Morocco, we will not only show you the diversity of landscapes and cultures, but through our journey we will explore the medieval alive medinas, experience its food and learn about its history. We will reach the oasis — discover its purpose and planning, we will talk of history, politics and I will show you the people–the real people of Morocco. You will know them by their culture, by their clothing, by their music, by their crafts, and by their food. We will take you off the highways and into the heartland and you will see, hear, taste and smell the differences. We will compare and contrast each element.

From the lush green in the north, through the mid and high Atlas mountains, to the deserts, medinas and seaside. From the modern to the primitive. We will share with you the Morocco of the 21st century and of the 1st century. We will show you that some things have changed much and some things have changed not at all.

In the end we will take you from the places on postcards to places where a camera is useless and the only real image is the one embedded in your memory

The diversity is what makes the strength of our home land. It is a country where you can touch the snow in the Atlas Mountains after breakfast and ride a camel in the Saharan sand before lunch in the day. The art deco cities offer the best Nus-Nus and 5 min walk further you can enjoy a tasty mint tea in the crowded medieval medina. You can surf on the Atlantic coast as you can swim in the gentle Mediterranean waters. It is the country where any traveler’s dream could come true.